How to connect Guesty to VRPlatform

Connecting Guesty Accounts to VRPlatform

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In order to create the connection to VRPlatform, you will need to register an OAuth Application by generating a Client ID and Sercet within Guesty. 

  1. Login to your Guesty account. (Note: If you have two-factor authentication setup, Guesty will send a passcode to the email associated with the account).
  2. In the main navigation bar, select Integrations, then OAuth Applications.
  3. Click the New Application button to register the VRPlatform application.
  4. On the Register New Application form, add a name and description for VRPlatform in the fields provided. Then click the Generate new secrets button. (Note: You will be asked to provide your Guesty password to confirm accerss).
  5. You will be provided a Client ID and Client Secret that will be used to create the connection to VRPlatform.

Copy/paste the Client ID and Client Secret to another secure application such as a password management system to be able to access it at a later date if necessary.

Using the Client ID and Client Secret provided in Guesty, you can now create the connection within VRPlatform.

  1. From the Connections screen, click the Add a connection button in the top right corner.
  2. In the modal window that appears, scroll to or search for Guesty and click the Connect button.
  3. Input the Client ID and Client Secret you obtained during the previous steps into the corresponding fields, then click the Connect button.
  4. The connection will authenticate and a successful message will appear upon completion. Close the window to go back to the connections screen or add another conneciton.